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LANAP Laser Dentistry services offered in Middlesex County, East Brunswick, NJ

LANAP® laser dentistry gently and effectively removes infected gum tissue and restores your oral health. At East Brunswick Periodontics and Dental Implants in East Brunswick, New Jersey, experienced periodontist Nima Mirmadjlessi, DDS, MSD, offers this periodontal therapy as an alternative to traditional scaling and root planing. Call today to learn more, or use this website to book an appointment online.

LANAP Laser Dentistry Q&A

What is LANAP laser dentistry?

LANAP, or laser-assisted new attachment procedure, uses laser energy to eradicate diseased gum tissue and harmful bacteria causing gum infection. Dr. Mirmadjlessi is certified in this FDA-approved treatment. 

Standard gum disease treatments require a long time in the chair, multiple visits, incisions, and sutures. You leave these treatments with significant soreness and discomfort. LANAP offers faster and less painful treatment for periodontal disease. 

Your LANAP appointment takes about two hours. You’ll commit to two visits and two follow-ups.

What are the advantages of LANAP laser dentistry?

LANAP laser therapy is noninvasive—no incisions, bleeding, or stitches. Your gums heal quicker too. 

The laser therapy removes diseased tissue, so there’s no risk to the healthy gum tissue supporting your teeth. Following other gum treatments, you often experience gum shrinkage that exposes sensitive tooth roots. Laser therapy doesn’t cause this shrinkage, so the look of your smile and gum sensation isn’t affected. 

How does LANAP laser dentistry work?

Gum disease can spread from your gums to the bones and other supporting tissue around your teeth. Pockets of bacteria form, intensifying your infection and putting you at greater risk of tooth loss. 

With LANAP laser dentistry, Dr. Mirmadjlessi uses the light energy to remove harmful bacteria. The gum pockets then heal naturally to stabilize your teeth. 

LANAP laser energy destroys only bacteria and diseased tissue. The device features an ultrasonic scaler that uses sound waves to break up tartar around your gumline and teeth. 

What happens after LANAP laser dentistry?

After your LANAP procedure, eat only soft foods for several days. Dr. Mirmadjlessi advises you when to return to your regular diet, but it will be much quicker than if you had undergone traditional gum surgery. 

Do plan on taking 24 hours to lay low after treatment. 

LANAP therapy is extraordinarily effective and provides long-lasting results. Up to 98% of patients continue to enjoy healthy gums for five years after treatment. Only 5% of patients treated with conventional gum surgery experience such results. 

Call East Brunswick Periodontics and Dental Implants today to learn more about LANAP laser dentistry, or book an appointment online using this website.