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Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery services offered in Middlesex County, East Brunswick, NJ

Cosmetic periodontal surgery uses advanced surgical techniques to modify your gums and improve the look of your smile. Experienced periodontist Nima Mirmadjlessi, DDS, MSD, of East Brunswick Periodontics and Dental Implants in East Brunswick, New Jersey, provides surgery to refine your smile so just enough gum tissue shows when you smile. If you have significant gum recession or a “gummy” smile, call today to set up a consultation, or use this website to schedule your visit online.

Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery Q&A

What causes uneven gums?

Your gums are an essential part of your smile. If their line is too high, your teeth may appear extra long. The gum tissue pulls back from your teeth and exposes your tooth root. Gum recession results from grinding your teeth or from gum or periodontal disease. 

A low gumline means you have a gummy smile. This may be due to genetics, certain prescription drugs, or a specific health problem. 

What are the types of cosmetic periodontal surgery?

Cosmetic periodontal surgery, also known as gum contouring surgery, balances out the proportion of your gum tissue to your teeth. To achieve the best-looking smile for you, Dr. Mirmadjlessi may perform:


Gum reduction surgery

This is a treatment for a gummy smile, or a smile that shows a lot of gum tissue so that your teeth look short. Dr. Mirmadjlessire moves just the right amount of gum tissue to make your smile look perfect. He uses a laser and a scalpel to treat the soft tissue. 


Gum grafting surgery

When you have excessive gum recession, gum grafting surgery can help your smile. If you have gums that pull away from your teeth, it affects the attractiveness of your smile and can cause tooth sensitivity and instability. Dr. Mirmadjlessi uses gum grafts to extend your gum tissue to properly cover your teeth. 


Who is a candidate for cosmetic periodontal surgery?

Dr. Mirmadjlessi recommends cosmetic periodontal surgery to those with a:

  • Gummy smile or low gumline
  • High gumline
  • Uneven gumline

If you have an uneven gumline, it means that areas of your mouth have significant recession while other areas have an abundance of gum tissue. 

What is it like to recover from cosmetic periodontal surgery?

Plan to rest and stick to gentle activities on the day of and after your procedure. Over-the-counter pain medications help ease any discomfort. Your diet should consist of soft, cool foods like pasta, eggs, and ice cream. You’ll want to avoid crunchy foods and anything with seeds until your gums have fully healed. 

Dr. Mirmadjlessi gives you directions on how to brush your teeth during the healing process.

If you’re unhappy with the look of your gums, contact East Brunswick Periodontics and Dental Implants today to set up an appointment. Call the office or use the online tool to request an appointment.